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Independence and transparency are the bedrock values we stand for and that stand behind the advice we offer. And we hold our own company’s governance to the same standards. “Capitalium, an entrepreneurial investment manager”.

We advise a Swiss and international client base in the financial and non-financial aspects of managing their wealth.

What makes us different

We stand for the values of excellence and professionalism, both of which are guaranteed by the independence of our business model.

Our value proposition
revolves around four pillars →

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    Our model is based not on a convergence of interests with our clients, but, rather, on total alignment with those interests. On top of our industry’s best practices, we impose on ourselves those practices that we deem essential to conducting our business. Our performances are audited by an independent body certified by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

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    Client proximity

    Our approach to doing business is dedicated above all to generating returns but is also shaped by its flexibility and its efficiency. Our business model is geared to our clients directly, a model that is built not for them, but with them, with the goal of simplifying the financial aspects of their life equations.

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    An entrepreneurial

    Our business model is disruptive, uncompromising and consistent. This shows up in the more entrepreneurial approach that we take to our business and in the economies of scale that are generated from our long-standing experience and not from standardisation. Our model comes with a network of financial holdings to back our offering.

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    and fintech

    In addition to being an innovator in Switzerland, we invest for our clients in projects that adhere to a dynamic of change. We are positioned unequivocally in innovation. Our portfolios also reflect this dynamic of change by seeking out bold and high-performance opportunities.

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The founders

More than just a name, Capitalium is, above all, a story about people. Its two founders and managing partners, Alain Zell and Sébastien Leutwyler, share the same entrepreneurial spirit, the same values, and the same ambition of adapting wealth management to the realities of today’s world.

Victor Viard and Thibault Van der Schueren have joined the management team and have been appointed partners in 2023.

As contemporaries of this new generation of clients, Capitalium partners understand their expectations and challenges and offer an innovative experience built on the foundation of rigour and excellence that this profession requires.

With its solid experience in wealth management, Capitalium avails you of highly complementary profiles and skillsets, based on top-tier academic skills and professional certifications.

“ Working with the best means constantly challenging oneself. ”

Capitalium is a sector benchmark. We have several awards under our belt from Swiss trade associations for the excellence of our business model and services.

Capitalium is subject to supervision by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) through the AOOS (supervisory body).

Capitalium is subject to supervision by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and a member of the Swiss Association of Wealth Managers (ASG). It is also affiliated with the supervisory body of the AOOS as well as the mediation body OFS (Ombud Finance Switzerland).

Capitalium works with the largest Swiss and European depositary banks and possesses a top-tier network of partners.